The impact we ignite

We want people and communities to thrive, develop and expand, and to be empowered by precisely co-created interior architecture and environments with lots of magic and playfulness. Therefore, we wholeheartedly strive to balance human needs within interior architecture, acting with our contributions as true connecting ignitors for improved performance and social wellbeing – human to human and human to environment.

Magu Interior Architecture

Magu Interior Architecture design concepts and environments for the future, capturing essential human needs to connect and thrive, supported by technology. Co-creating with us means that we will take you on a creative journey to develop the best interior architecture concept for you. We promise to bring energy into every process with our insight and creativity and hope that everyone will love and be empowered by the results we design. We will bridge the rational and the emotional to connect on all levels to really understand your needs. Then we will challenge you continuously, for us to co-create and deliver the unexpected, but precise. Again, and again.

Examples of what we co-create:

  • Social responsible and holistic interior design concepts delivering increased value and wellbeing
  • Finding exactly the right solutions for each company’s individual needs through co-creation

Magu Connect

Magu Connect provide methods and deliveries to connect people, organization, and environment to utilize the workforce at the fullest and at the same time contribute to creating more meaningfulness and well being at work. Our interior architecture is designed to allow for good energy flow supporting mental health and emotional balance, and usually companies need to change working methods to utilize their new environment’s potential. In these change processes with our clients, we focus on social sustainability and have a holistic approach when bridging the gap between the old and new ways of working. Then we co-create impactful mind-set change programs that reflect relevant research to strengthen organizational culture for effective strategy delivery. Human to human and human to environment.

Examples of what we co-create:

  • Strategic processes to move from old to new mindset to fully utilize the new interior architecture
  • Role modeling and ownership training for the leadership team. How to work, use technology and be available in new environments
  • Creative processes to help all employees understand the new environment’s potential

Magu Branding

Magu Branding will help you bring together our design and mind-set change processes to create and deliver a clear, authentic brand voice internally and externally. Having a curious mindset, also expect us to take ownership in translating valuable new international concepts and trends into the environments and processes we design. In changing times, we integrate this new insight into our projects to help companies sharpen their brand, rise brand awareness, brand position and values reflections. Then we co-create programs for leaders to sharpen their communication to best represent their brand and company culture. For you to stand out and for us to work and deliver at our full potential.

Examples of what we co-create:

  • Creative value processes to understand how company values can translate into environments enhancing the company culture
  • Strategic communication to roll out the new interior architecture and the new work processes into the organization and also externally to strengthen the position towards competition
  • Presenting new trends and inspiration