Philosophy & process

We strive to have an open heart, to really understand and feel what we can contribute with in all the projects we are invited to deliver. Together we can make magic and hopefully ignite curiosity, inspiration, and impact way beyond our core contributions. Always anchored in our values: Unexpected, Co-creation, Wholeness, Empower, Excitement.

How we develop and design interior architecture

Through a sustainable and holistic approach we provide insight and deliveries anchored in:

Physiological needs: Providing optimal design where every detail is designed to take care of the employees in regards to basics as: Light, space, sound, movement, functional furniture, fresh air flow, etc.

Psychological needs: Creating design and environments that allow for good energy flow supporting mental health and emotional balance for both individuals and teams.

Social needs: Understanding the dynamics in the organisation to create connectedness and a strong sense of community.

Intellectual needs: Integrating IT and AI into the interior architecture process to provide optimal development and learning conditions for high performance cultures.

Organisational development/Values & culture needs: Understanding and enhance the match between the organisation’s and individual’s values. Delivering interior architecture and environments that reflects culture and values to support organisational uniqueness, development and belonging to deliver the unexpected but precise!

How we create the unexpected but precise